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Thoughts of Chairman Miaow

Misery Porn One

As a relatively unknown act I'm still unsure of which "serious issue" bandwagon to leap on to get noticed.Then I remember:JUST BE FUNNY.

I think there's a LOT wrong with the way comics try and position themselves these days.

Misery Porn Two

I think of course comedy needs a point of view, even if that point of view is "just be funny", and a show that is about someone's passion or whatever they want to communicate, be it their views of ISIS or how pleasing it might be to make a piglet out of balloons, is always more satisfying than a stream of knob, or political, gags that just aim to land. What I have real issue with is that often people forget that being funny, if you're a comedian, is the main point. If you want to just get your views and messages and bugbears across, then wanting to do it the the arena of comedy and not being as concerned with making it funny as well is as lazy as just a stream of knob gags. However great. The real problem though is inexperienced people using their platform and position (with an audience and social media followers) to target a "cause" or "issue" they can associate themselves with through insincere serendipity because it fits their profile and will get them noticed.They then start to proselytise ill-informed rhetoric that will undoubtedly impact on some of their more impressionable audience members, and because they've couched themselves in the authenticity of their worthy banner they can't be challenged for fear of it seeming like the person taking issue is against the cause and not the self-serving, badly researched self-appointed mouthpiece.

It doesn't mean you can't be a spokesperson from day one, but it does mean that a bit of sincerity in what you're trying to get across, be that the any issue you deem worth of spending your time talking about from female circumcision to what's the best consistency of custard pie to throw in the face of a locksmith is always preferable. Peace and love and big laughs.

Misery Porn Three
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